My master piece

My master piece

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My master piece...

In this picture, the teens that I've been coaching for years just received a special honor at the Quebec Parliament for their creations and participation.

It all started the day I decided to set up my workshop in the neighborhood where I grew up,  just in front of the youth centre. I walked across the street and met with the people who were in charge of running this centre; I then offered to give free art workshops to the teens. My goal was originally to, once a month, ask the kids to quickly create art with ink and epoxy in less than two hours.

Four years later, these young "artists" are eagerly looking forward to my workshop, plus I was asked to sit on the board of directors of the youth centre, a great honor!

I have to share my story:  there was a similar youth centre in my neighborhood when I was a teenager and I often passed in front of it but for some reason was unable to enter. I guess I was too embarrassed or perhaps  too shy... I was the solitary type, afraid of the unknown, I had to be part of a "gang", and did not want to show my weakness or my vulnerability, afraid to be judged... I was a teenager...

Today I understand that I was inhabited by what I call "toxic shame", and this shame is the downfall of too many young people.

But today I can proudly say: "it's never too late".

Another beautiful cure.

Guy Hamelin

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