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48x48 inches - 2019 - Acrylic, ink, varnish and epoxy on canvas

Get this artwork (as shown – 48x8 inches) or let me make a similar one in a different size (36x36, 40x40 inches).

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I found myself one day in a downtown exhibition and the kiosk I rented was costing me 12k for just two days of exposure. 

The promoters had forgotten to tell us that the expected thousands of visitors were not potential buyers but rather students finishing in design and other professional self employed creators.

If one could have read the word floating in the air above the hundreds of artists in front of their booth, it would have been DECEPTION.

Almost at the very end of this funny adventure I made friends with the artist of the neighbouring kiosk, talking about a creative problem that I've been living with for years, he told me one sentence, and it was the answer I needed to hear.

The information and his insight he gave me completely transformed my way of working a medium.

Today I truly feel it was worth more than the 12k I spent. This bad experience turned into the most valuable one of my career.

Guy Hamelin