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44x94 inches - 2019 - Acrylic, ink, varnish and epoxy on canvas

Get this artwork (as shown – 44x94 inches) or let me make a similar one in a different size (24x48, 36x72 or 42x42 inches).

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I like to mix art and lyrics, to explore freely and push my limits... My creations are deeply introspective, and inspired by spontaneous insight vibrations colours and especially the circle. When I touch the subject, I find myself in a meditative state where I let light, memories and healing energy transpose themselves onto my canvas.

''I love this work but it is too dark!'' a lady once told me in front of this big blackboard. I then replied that at night, a dark forest abounds with small animals and critters. There is as much if not  more life than during the day. The night is protective, the predators are sleeping. She bought it immediately.

Guy Hamelin

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