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60x120 inches - 2019 - Acrylic, ink, varnish and epoxy on canvas

Get this artwork (as shown – 60x120 inches) or let me make a similar one in a different size (42x94, 36x72 or 42x42 inches).

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Nicknamed "The Ripple Effect", the intense movement that brings Hamelin's work to life resembles the ripples made by a stone thrown into water, and echoes the water in the human body, a source of both life and vital energy. 

The assembly of color tints and pigments, the harmony of a chaos... Stunning!

In my neighbourhood, every summer on Sundays for over 30 years, hundreds of people gather with their ''tamtam'' at the foot of the Mount-Royal, this group of strangers that do not know each other, with all sorts of incompatible personalities in day to day life, but together they create various tempos of tribal music as they dance in peace and harmony. People from all walks of life in unison. A sweet harmonic chaos!

Guy Hamelin