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36x36 inches - 2019 - photo on Plexiglas - Only 12 copies signed by the artist

Get this artwork (as shown - 36x36 inches), or get it in a different size (18x18 or 47x47 inches).

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It is through volunteer art workshops that I give to young teenagers in my neighbourhood that I discovered this technique, and I truly love it. Originally, I wanted to give a photography seminar to the teens, but keeping in mind that I needed to keep their focus quickly and that the activity had to be short and with quick results, I decided to ask them to create "something" with what they saw in the kitchen, as simple as that: soap, oil, lemon or cake coloring, whatever...

 The results were surprising.

I then created a laboratory in my studio, I emptied the corner grocery store, and after hours of experimentation, I allowed myself to keep my favourite creations a secret.

Another premise that I cannot wait to see its evolution in a few years.

Guy Hamelin

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