Degas Spirits

Degas Spirits

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15x20 inches - 2019 - Painting & photo on canevas - Only 12 copies signed by the artist

Get this artwork (as shown - 15x20 inches) or get it in a different size (30x40 or 45x60 inches).

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The day I discovered the artist Degas, I was hypnotised by his work on ballerinas, a delicate blend of great tenderness and sweetness.

Five years ago I shot those images "pro-bono" to be presented at a fund raiser gala evening. I just recently pulled them out to create this style, and ultimately to create a tribute to Degas. This has a special place in my heart, it is a reminder of this shooting day surrounded by great dancers, and the choreographer;  and the goal was "to give back'', a charitable contribution. 

Part of the sales proceeds will be donated  to the youth center in my neighbourhood.

Guy Hamelin

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