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44x44 inches - 2019 - Painting & photo on canevas - Only 12 copies signed by the artist

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I took the time to write a novel that was published a few  years ago. An incredible experience but one that requires a lot of time and energy. Writing is like entering a submarine, closing the hatch for several weeks before resurfacing. Many times I was surprised that entire chapters could appear in seconds. I had to write at once in order to lay them down on paper so the words wouldn't escape. 

Later, I learned that there is an expression called ''catch the words'' for a writer not to lose them. Today, I have a file in my phone where I put down any idea that pops in my mind spontaneously. One day I'll come back to it when the timing is right.

 The universe is full of ideas in suspension, we all have access to it. If we do not catch it, another artist on this earth will bring it to life in his own way, in his own style. Once again, it's the work that decides, simply because it wants to live. It will even live through several artists who will catch it at the same moment or gap of time. 

The beauty of it all is that it will materialize itself in several styles and different mediums.

 It seems everything has been done, but everything has to be done.

Guy Hamelin

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