Born in Montreal, Guy Hamelin has been exploring artistic composition for over 20 years. Photographer bytrade, he was first asked to photograph the works ofother painters. His contact with both the paintings and their creators made him want to touch the materials and play with the pigments.

One day, lying on a park bench, he had a vision— hewas gripped by vibratory images of rippling circles and exploding colours. This was enough to launch Hamelin into an exploration, both physical and chemical, of mixtures, colours, expansions, blends and vibrations. He learned to coexist with the laws of physics in order to bring his ideas to life.

At the very heart of his artistic creation lies a desire to create harmony through shapes and colours from differentspiritual belief systems—chakras, prana, aura, meditation, and healing and harmonizing colours. Each workembodies the very essence of these vibratory energies.

Nicknamed “The Ripple Effect”, the intense movement that brings Hamelin’s works to life resembles the ripplesmade by a stone thrown into water, and echoes the water in the human body, a source of both life and vital energy.

For Hamelin, this artistic connection with the infinitepower of the circle is only a premise of a great adventure. He sees himself travelling the world, meeting new cultures, and drawing inspiration from the largest temples and their rituals, pushing his exploration of vital energy even further.

“I like to mix art and physics, to explore freely, explore, and push my limits... My creations are deeply introspective, and are inspired by spontaneous insights, vibrations, colours and especially the circle.When I touch the subject, I find myself in a meditativestate where I let light, memories and healing energy transpose itself onto my canvas.”

Guy Hamelin